Friday, August 29, 2008

AirAsia offering One Million Free Seats!

With the escalating cost of air-travel, more and more people are travelling by budget airlines, afterall it is just getting from Point A to Point B anyway.

AirAsia is again making a lot of travellers happy. They are giving away 1 million free seats but you will have to be quick and book your seat(s) by Aug 31. Travel window is between 1 April to 31 July of next year. Be forewarned though, it is just the seat that is free as you will still need to pay for surcharge, etc., etc. Still, the total cost is a lot cheaper than a full-service fare.

This offer applies for travel to Bangkok, Bali, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh, Phuket, Langkawi, Kota Kinabalu, Perth, Melbourne, Macau, Siem Reap, Guangzhou, Guilin, and many more.

See! 1,000,000 FREE SEATS!

I have heard stories and funny episodes of exorbitant prices for meals and refreshments when travelling budget, but will the future of budget travel go down to this horrendous level? I don't think so but you never know, right? Anyway, enjoy this, while it is still a hypothetical case.


Attendant: Welcome aboard Ala Carte Air, sir. May I see your ticket?

Passenger: Sure.

Attendant: You're in seat 12B. That will be $5, please!

Passenger: What for?

Attendant: For telling you where to sit.

Passenger: But I already knew where to sit.

Attendant: Nevertheless, we are now charging a seat locator fee of $5. It's the airline's new policy.

Passenger: That's the craziest thing I ever heard. I won't pay it.

Attendant: Sir, do you want a seat on this flight, or not?

Passenger: Yes, yes. All right, I'll pay. But the airline is going to hear about this.

Attendant: Thank you. My goodness, your carry-on bag looks heavy. Would you like me to stow it in the overhead compartment for you?

Passenger: That would be swell, thanks.

Attendant: No problem. Up we go, and done! That will be $10, please.

Passenger: What?

Attendant: The airline now charges a $10 carry-on assistance fee.

Passenger: This is extortion. I won't stand for it.

Attendant: Actually, you're right, you can't stand. You need to sit, and fasten your seat belt. We're about to push back from the gate. But, first I need that $10.

Passenger: No way!

Attendant: Sir, if you don't comply, I will be forced to call the air marshal. And you really don't want me to do that.

Passenger: Why not? Is he going to shoot me?

Attendant: No, but there's a $50 air-marshal hailing fee.

Passenger: Oh, all right, here, take the $10. I can't believe this.

Attendant: Thank you for your cooperation, sir. Is there anything else I can do for you?

Passenger: Yes. It's stuffy in here, and my overhead fan doesn't seem to work. Can you fix it?

Attendant: Your overhead fan is not broken, sir. Just insert two quarters into the overhead coin slot for the first five minutes.

Passenger: The airline is charging me for cabin air?

Attendant: Of course not, sir. Stagnant cabin air is provided free of charge. It's the circulating air that costs 50 cents.

Passenger: I don't have any quarters. Can you make change for a dollar?

Attendant: Certainly, sir! Here you go!

Passenger: But you've given me only three quarters for my dollar.

Attendant: Yes, there's a change making fee of 25 cents.

Passenger: For cryin' out loud. All I have left is a lousy quarter? What the heck can I do with this?

Attendant: Hang onto it. You'll need it later for the lavatory

Source of joke: Some unknown funny person


  1. I will not be surprised if AirAsia eventually charge passengers according to their weight. Perhaps RM1 for every kg. If you weigh 50kg, you pay an additional fee of RM50.

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  2. There is no such thing as completely free afterall. All free stuff come with hidden costs :p

  3. Anonymous10:05 AM

    I agree with MB..but I don't mind travelling via budget airline for short distance trips. For long haul...somehow, I don't feel comfy with budget airlines.

  4. Reminds me of a cartoon - an plane on fire about crash and the captain says "the flight attendants will now be collecting a $50 crash landing fee..."

  5. Anonymous1:54 AM

    I certainly hope it won't come down to that! LOL

  6. KS, that's absurd!! Don't give them such an idea. LOL!

    MB, nothing is free, I agree. Even sunshine and rain come with hidden costs - skin cancer and pollution. hehe..

    MBL, when it comes to savings, travelling budget is the way to go. I once read that travelling budget is good for a journey of four hours or less. Anything longer can be rather taxing. Not sure if it still applies these days with new planes and longer haul flights.

  7. PandaB, LOL! A double whammy.

    CC, I certainly hope not too. We would all be staying at home. LOL!

  8. act the tune hotels charge for air cond. what do you think of this? :)

  9. They do? Jeez!! What's the rate like?

  10. if not wrong bout rm15/ night. then there is also charge for wifi, and toiletries lol :)

  11. For a decent bed, a bath and a roof over one's head and decent conditions, I think it is still worth paying the extras vis-a-vis paying like probably at least 4 to 5 times more in a say 3-star hotel. No? Have you stayed in one before? I believe being run by AirAsia, it should be a pretty decent place. The one in KL looks great.

  12. yup it is by the same co :) i think its ok. but u know, after i add plus plus, it becomes like rm100 haha. i may try it if have to stay in kl someday :)