Friday, August 22, 2008

Dollhouses.... I like

This is a pretty house, don't you think? Named the Beacon Hill, it has seven rooms and two hallways that are large enough to furnish as rooms, plus three fireplaces, three bay windows, and a winding staircase adding to its elegance.

Here is the twist. Beacon Hill is not a real house. It is a dollhouse.

These days, dolls and dollhouses can easily be ordered online. Look, even Garfield has such a pretty house.

And I sure would love to own this Tudor dollhouse with its movable partitions to create up to nine large rooms and six beautiful bay windows to make it look spacious and bright inside.

What was that? Big girls don't play with dollhouses? hmm..


  1. Anonymous12:19 PM

    I like house #2...:) When I was a child, I played with barbies and all but never had one of thse fancy dollhouses.

  2. lovely houses :) i bet they are not cheap :)

  3. MBL, perhaps time to get one, eh?

    MB, they are not that expensive. In fact, they are having a sale currently. Why not check out the site.

  4. For me, house #1 is my dream dollhouse. I saw those kind of houses in Catoon films often when I was young. :-)

    Hey, where could we find house #1, in Europe ?

  5. PP, as to your question, I honestly do not know but I agree it is a pretty house.

  6. Anonymous7:13 PM