Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sleeping Easy with an ADT Home Security System

It's scary at times when you read about home robbery in this country, particularly in bigger cities. I don't mean to scare you, really, but commonsense tells us that we need to take steps to prevent the crime than to be a victim of it. It's not the stash of cash but the lives at stake that has seen an increase in the installation of home security systems here in KL.

Living in a high-end part of town, an old uncle decided to upgrade his home security system. After checking quotes from a number of Security System companies, he settled for one ADT.

He found that ADT rates are reasonable, which work out to just around a few Ringgit a day. Seriously, at that rate, every home should have an ADT Home Security System. Besides, ADT system is an easy-to-use home system and with 24-hour monitoring. The company assures fast response time, i.e., when an alarm in your home is activated, ADT can immediately call the authorities in your area so they can send the proper emergency services to your home. That has got to be a big plus in any home security system, don't you think?


  1. you know i believe in simplicity......my unit is not lavishly decorated, nor am i driving a porsh car,most important of all, i am very good with my neighbours,that helps a lot......

    You see,now people are so alien to one another,sometimes we dont even bother to say hello to our neigbours,and that's where the problem starts. that's is as far as my opinion is concerned.

    Good spirit of neighborhood is very important, it is like looking out for one another, that helps a lot, i believe.

    but then again,i believe no security system can be considered the best, even the best system can also be hacked, right?

  2. I agree with Eugene. If a robbery or a break in is planned...then there's no way we can be secured. But at least this can reduce the damage and risk. :)

  3. Eugene, indeed your points are valid. Still, with an alarm system, I know I sleep better. Besides, my thinking is we can't be imposing on our neighbours to watch house for us all the time.

    Tekkaus, an alarm system gives peace of mind especially when you are not at home for an extended period of time.

    Gentlemen, thanks for sharing your thoughts.