Friday, November 20, 2009

How to Choose the Right Office Chair

If you have a say in choosing office furniture, what single piece of furniture would you pay most attention to? I hope you're going to answer 'the chair'. Why?, you may ask.

You don't have to believe this but according to a Feng Shui article I read on Lilian Too's website, it says that the chair you sit on at work does have a bearing on how well you do in your career. Chairs should be designed to minimise aches and strains, allowing you to sit at length without getting tired or uncomfortable.

The article goes on to say that chairs meant for visitors on the other hand do not need to be overly comfy, lest they overstay their welcome! When picking sofa sets and settees for meeting areas, go with something not too comfy, for the same reasons. Harder sofa sets also generate a more dynamic type of chi energy more suited to the workplace.

Now you know, so choose the right chair for yourself.

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