Sunday, November 8, 2009

Food! Glorious Food!

I just passed up on an invitation to join a few girlfriends for another weekend outing, more like a food-bingeing session. Don't get me wrong. I love these outings and playing catch-up but not this weekend. After so many nights the pass week of food outings, I think I just need to stay in and just give my digestive system a break. I now see why some of my colleagues go for their colon cleanse and detox sessions once in a while.

On the subject of food, Astro Ch 707 (Travel & Living) has a new show titled "Man V. Food" and I don't have to tell you what it is. The episode I saw this morning is about this 21oz-sandwich of slices of turkey, ham, cheese, onions, pickles between a thick bun. And there are fries to go with it.

This restaurant that serves this sandwich calls it a Dagwood and whoever is able to finish that giant sandwich within 30 minutes get to stick his picture with a prized Dagwood t-shirt (compliments of the restaurant) on the Wall of Fame in the restaurant. This tv-host challenger (forgotten his name) made it, so his picture is now among the hundreds on the wall. This is in the U.S.

No wonder the cliche, Food! Glorious Food!

I hope you'll have a wonderful Sunday..


  1. 21 oz sandwich!! wow, i think this is a huge one!! i love sandwiches, and normally one normal size is never enough for me, perhaps i could finish that dagwood sandwich?? hahaha~~

  2. I guess need to have two stomach to finish the sandwich. But sometimes I wonder how come those Japanese guy can eat so much in eating competition as their size is so small compare to western people.

  3. I don't mind stuffing that sandwich in me. I am so hungry right now. :D

  4. SK, yeah, that is a huge sandwich, alright, easily an 8" sandwich with seven slices of each type of meat. You're probably right that you might be able to finish that entire sandwich.

    In an earlier episode, he was not able to finish a huge 8-pattie burger. He was given an hour but only managed to complete three-quarter of it and that would have been 6 patties? That was a tough challenge but I thought he did well at that.

  5. Superman, absolutely! I remember watching this smallish Japanese (boy) being the winner of the sausage-eating challenge. I think he retained the title or something like that, right?

  6. Tekkaus, LOL! I suppose everything now would be welcome. Hope you are feeling much better from your bout of food-poisoning.