Friday, November 6, 2009

Carrefour Market Going Green

Well, it's about time! Going green all the way, Carrefour's new outlet, Carrefour Market, at the Sphere in Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur, has implemented its no-plastic-bag policy starting last week.

I'd have to bring a few more recyclable bags if I were to be shopping like the models below. I have stocked up a few of these bags but probably will need more (before prices go up based on demand).

Do you bring your own recyclable bag(s)?


  1. I'm jealous lah. Jealous that we don't have Carrefour here. I used to shop at Carrefour, Singapore when I worked there. I just love everything in one roof.

    But hopefully soon, Costco will open its door in Sydney. Then I have a place to hang out. It's rather boring in Sydney, you know :o)

    Do they charge if you need a plastic bag? We bring along our green-bag when we shop or they can be bought for just $1 each.

  2. Ikea in Singapore charges for plastic bag, but at $0.10 a bag.

    I bring my own bag as much as I can remember to do so.

  3. I am very skeptical with Carrefour. In its other outlets, the security guards would wrap our bags with plastic!

  4. Sooner will be seeing lots of "Incredible Hulks" roaming around in hypermarkets turning the places green like me when I was a baby. Ya why wrap around with plastic when they say NO to plastic should use banana leaf instead? hehe

  5. Anonymous9:43 PM

    Very soon, supermarkets will all follow suit. And it's good. Only small inconvenience is customers would have to stock up on those green bags in all manner of sizes for grocery shopping.

    I have seen people bringing their own shopping bags. I have yet to do so.

  6. Ai Shiang, you are jealous? haha.. I always thought there are a lot of hypermarkets in Sydney. I thought wrong then.

    Over here, we have quite a number. There is Carrefour, Giant, Tesco, Jaya Jusco (Aeon), Cold Storage just to name the big ones. Yeah, it's everything under the roof and great places to hang out (even for an entire day). Of course, under this roof you could spend time in a bookstore too and have meals at the various food outlets there - all under the same roof. Cool for an outing. For some, it's a place to get away from the heat at home. Btw, have you been to KLCC? If you haven't, you must make a trip here. You wouldn't want to leave. LOL!

    You must be looking forward to Costco coming to your shores.

    No, plastic bags are not charged and are given out to hold your purchases. Malaysians are still not used to bringing our own grocery or shopping bags yet. One day..

  7. Shingo, you bring your own bag, at least when you remember? That's great!

    IKEA has not started charging for bags yet - that's what I know from my last visit. Psst.. I have a fascination for bags (all bags) and I even bought an IKEA recyclable bag. These are the same type as the yellow bags at the store only the ones that are on sale are in blue, something like the blue shade of the blue bag in the middle in the picture above.

  8. KS, I wonder if this is practised in this new green outlet. Have you been to visit? Any idea?

  9. Hi Bananaz, thanks for coming by.

    Talk about banana leaf, I was surprised to see some on sale at a supermarket. This has become so much in demand that one needs to pay for it and no longer to be harvested from a roadside banana plant like in small towns.

  10. Mei Teng, yep, very soon. Me neither. :(

  11. hey happysurfer like yr statement on that haha. well, i actually dont take the plastic bags if i dont buy much.

    in singapore, there are days where they charge for bags. and i think some malls in malaysia too. at times, i had to pay as well when the items were more than 2 handfuls..

    come to think of it, i should bring my own bags now.. but it always slip my mind.

    anyway i guess this is a good thing for the environment. next, we should look into recycling bins proper :)