Friday, November 20, 2009

Buy Cheaper Tickets for Games and Shows

A wonderful thing about having visiting colleagues from overseas is that you get to receive or exchange souvenirs from overseas.

A visiting colleague from the US once brought a bunch of football jerseys to give away and I got an orange Dallas Cowboy t-shirt. How cool!

Sports is huge in the west and in the US, it's got to be football and basketball. For sports fans, going onsite to watch a game is a real treat and tickets are easily available online though one has to book early to get the better seats.

New York Knicks Tickets are hot, so are Los Angeles Lakers Tickets, them being the better known teams and champions at that. Tickets for all the hot venues can be purchased online. Needless to say, my friend normally gets his Dallas Cowboy Tickets online too saving his the hassle of standing in line, he said.

A Cheap Seat is a professional ticket broker with access to many events across the US. They provide the hottest deals on premium tickets every day. It's not only sports events they have tickets for. You can also buy tickets for concert, theater, opera, circus, skating and lots more other events from A Cheap Seat.

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  1. Too bad I am not in USA, if not, I am going to buy the basketball game seating. :D