Saturday, November 7, 2009

Of Robberies and Shooting at Fort Hood

I just heard of two cases of robbery (snatch theft) in Kuala Lumpur. One happened in Kepong in a lift of a highrise flat. A lady was in the lift and the door opened on the first floor, a young man came in and in a split second her handbag was snatched away by the young man. She had RM900 with her plus other documents.

The other incident happened in Wangsa Maju involving a roadside motorcyclist snatching the handbag of another lady. After the incident, he was found eating at a teh tarik foodstall nearby. Not sure if he was caught there. This was reported in a Chinese language daily.

I'm sure there were other robberies which involved the use of weapons such as parang (long knives) but I suppose, parang is the lesser evil as compared to firearms as in the case of the recent rampage by Major Nidal Malik Hasan at Fort Hood in Texas with 13 dead and a lot more injured. In times like these, life insurance comes to mind. Are we adequately insured such that the loved ones we leave behind are taken care of in the event of something unfortunate happening?


  1. oh my. reminds me of my share of snatch thief incident. Click here & here for my stories.

    yes.. life insurance is important. it's not just for this type of scenario, but it's mostly for the future, especially if u have a family. it's like a savings coz ultimately, it is important to have money though it may not be everything.

  2. I buy a life insurance for myself, lest anything nasty comes to me.

    Crime is so rampant in our country, hope Najib and gang start walking the walk, and not just talk the talk.

  3. it's like robbery news almost everyday in the paper, and some of them even caused death.. i'm really upset to see all these!! and i'm staying in WM!!

  4. CJ, ooh! So sorry to hear that. Hope you have fully recovered from the scare.

  5. Shingo, petty crimes like this are still happening all over. It'll be quite a challenge for the long arm of the law to nab these culprits. The public just need to take all necessary precautions to prevent from being victims.

  6. SK, so true. Not only theft but sex-related crimes are also getting a lot of media coverage these days. Did you notice? Sigh.

    So, you're in WM? That's becoming quite a happening place now, isn't it?