Friday, November 6, 2009

How to Suppress Appetite for Food

According to the Chinese community, one should not refuse or shun food as to be able to eat is a blessing. And with that in mind, many of us have turned into gluttons and having a broader mid-section to show for it.

We all know that anything in excess is harmful, food included. Perhaps what some of us need is an appetite suppressant to at least curb our food-craving ways. Or perhaps pick up smoking and/or drink lots of coffee. I hear smoking and caffeine suppress appetite. Maybe not, let's just stick to good old-fashioned discipline.


  1. Get yourself very busy seems to be one of the best way. :D

    Or you can always consume a lot of water. That works too. :D

  2. For me, it's eating lots of fruits! Fruits contain fibre which can make one feel fuller.

  3. Gentlemen, great tips. Thank you both.