Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gold Price

A look at the price of Gold..

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  1. errr, mind asking you if you do buy gold?? cos i see you posting about gold prices quite a lot of times.. :p

  2. Whoa it looks like that Sporean guy who commented last Oct that gold would breach the U$1500 mark is getting closer now.

  3. Over the coming years we could see gold at 2000, 3000, even 5000 US dollars. But that will not be due to the value of gold going up, it is the value of the dollar going down.

    An ounce of gold today will buy you the same things it would a hundred years ago or more. It is paper money that changes value (usually down).

    These days, some people are moving savings into gold not as an "investment" but as a way preserve their saving from inflation, market crashes, etc.

  4. Gold price is increasing crazily. Not good for those who wish to buy wedding jewelry. :D

  5. SK, gold is hot!!

    CheahSan, he may be right!

    PandaB, thank you for sharing your wisdom. The dollar is coming down slowly but surely.

    Tekkaus, you may want to start buying now before gold goes up further. :p

  6. Price of gold will definitely go up or down. It depends with the season but with cash for gold Fresno, either it goes up or down, you will have a good deal with them.