Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Leonid Meteor Shower - mid-November 2009

So did you manage to view the Leonids or Leonid meteor shower yesterday morning?

Each year, Nov 17-19 marks the time of Leonid meteor shower. Meteor showers are usually named after the area of the sky from which they appear to radiate. The Leonids emanate from the constellation Leo.

The radiant begins rising from around 12:30am and the meteors will last until morning twilight. Look in the areas around the radiant, rather than directly at it.

If you missed it and would still like to see it, you still can as it has been reported that the Leonids are not a one-night stand. The dust from Tempel-Tuttle spangles the sky for a few nights every year in mid-November. This year, the peak is expected during the predawn hours of Nov. 17, but early-morning hours on the dates surrounding Nov. 17 could provide a decent show, too.

Here's an interactive Leonid meteor shower guide courtesy of MSNBC. Click here to go to guide.


  1. oh really?? i didn't know about this periodic meteor shower.. can we still see that from our KL sky??

  2. I don't think I can see these in Malacca. :D

  3. SK, yes, you can still see it. Best time is before sunrise and this time it's easy to see it as it's a new moon of the month so the darkness makes the viewing better.

    Tekkaus, I think you can still see it. In fact, visibility is best in Asia.

  4. Btw, SK, nice profile picture.

  5. My sister saw the meteor shower.

    I'm stuck in the office that night, could see nothing.


  6. KS, you sleep early? The shower was visible before sunrise.

    Shingo, your sister did? Was it worth the wait did she say?