Wednesday, November 11, 2009

AirAsia offering one million free seats from Today

Here we go again..

Low-cost carrier AirAsia is giving away a million free seats from today to more than 70 destinations in China, India, Taiwan, Indonesia and Thailand.

Those interested in enjoying the free seats can book their tickets from today until Sunday, for flights between May 1 and Oct 30 next year.

With no fuel surcharge and administration fee, this deal offers fantastic value to travellers.

To complement the free flights, AirAsia’s one-stop travel portal is also offering deals and packages including “free rooms” in more than 180 Asia-Pacific hotels online at

For more information on free seats and other promotional tickets, visit or

So, what are you waiting for?


  1. Guess what? I could not log into AirAsia website! Error messages all the time. I'm really pissed!

  2. Hahaha :D Because free mah! So now surely like...millions of people scrambling to grab it. :p

  3. I was waiting for the website to load properly...Haha.

  4. I'm not surprised, Foong. The site is inundated with enquiries and bookings. A friend took almost three hours to book three tickets and experienced intermittent downtime.

    Perhaps you may want to try logging in again after hours. That might help. Best wishes. Hope you get to book what you require.

  5. Tekkaus, ticket may be free and no fuel surcharge nor admin fee but traveller will still need to pay for airport tax, but then that's really nothing as compared to having to pay for ticket.

    Are you not joining the bandwagon?

  6. Superman, yeah, it takes patience but it's worth it in the end. Good luck!

  7. well, don't think it's so easy for you to grab one.. it's all have to depend on your LUCK, yes i mean solely luck..

  8. SK, I don't think it's that difficult as a colleague manages to get tickets for him and his family everytime AirAsia has this zero-fare offer.

    No doubt time and patience play a key factor. Also, you may want to try booking during off-peak hours. Good luck then!

  9. Managed to book my flights after 2 hours and countless error messages! I think the best time to do the booking is around 3am-5am. less congestion at that time.

    I paid only USD6.40 for my flights from Phnom Penh - KL. USD3 for check in luggage online, USD2 for convenince fee using credit card and USD1.40 for seat selection. Ticket totally free and zero airport tax. Yippee!

  10. Trying to book for Macau but could not find any free seats that suit my dates of travel! : (

  11. Foong, you've got yourself a good deal there! Zero airport tax too? Wow! Good for you!

    But nothing suitable for Macau? You still have until tomorrow to try again for other timings. Good luck then.