Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Segamat Flood update - and other towns in Johore, southern state

While most of us will be celebrating Chinese New Year in a joyous mood, this year's Chinese New Year will start on a sad note for a lot of families whose homes are hit by the current bad floods particularly in the south and in Sarawak. The Star today carries a series of articles on the flood situation such as the one below.

Segamat flood updates on Facebook - including a tip on getting from Gemas to Kuala Lumpur.

Below is a picture from a Chinese-language newspaper..

KTM Berhad was forced to cancel several intercity train services in Negri Sembilan and Johor.
Source: 40,000 evacuated to relief centres as floods hit five states

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Messages on situation in Johor pouring in via Twitter

Gemas town centre

Kota Tinggi


  1. Oh dear what a sight..at this time of the year..

  2. Hope they all stay safe.

  3. Looks bad, really bad... what has the government got to say about this, I wonder... perhaps blame god again?

  4. Scary!! The one in Queensland was also terrifying.

  5. i guess this is the first time flood happens during CNY period.. the earth is really sick already, hope the flood will subside soon and people there will be able to celebrate CNY joyously..

  6. Anonymous11:09 PM

    Hope the flood clears up. Terrible to be celebrating CNY in a flooded state.

  7. Hopefully everything will be normal again ASAP! :(

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