Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Women loved and left dry by Casanova

What do these four ladies have in common? If you've read The Star today, you would know the answer but for the rest, make a guess. The clue.. the presence of Datuk Michael Chong, MCA Public Services and Complaints Department chief - the gentleman in the picture.

For locals, if you know who Datuk Michael Chong is, you would be able to guess the answer to the question. To save you the trouble of guessing, Datuk Michael Chong is savior of sorts for people in trouble, ranging from being cheated, involved with loan sharks, missing persons, visa issues, you name it. Even foreigners go to him for help.

Again, what do these four ladies have in common? The answer is, Trouble. They all have fallen for the same Casanova and have been cheated of (their feelings and) their cash.

The story..Women come forward after being loved and left dry by Casanova

The point is, are women more prone to confidence tricksters? Just this morning, a colleague forwarded an email warning about a group of three women who have struck another victim relieving the poor elder woman of thousands of ringgit. More details to follow in a subsequent post. Stay tuned.

Image source: The Star


  1. Love can make us lose judgement and common sense.

  2. Unbelievable super natural talent to ask for RM26,000 after knowing the girl for a month's dating and he got it.