Monday, February 21, 2011

Puduraya bus terminal to reopen on April 16

Having not been to the Puduraya bus terminal or its vicinity ever since it was closed for upgrading last April, I was naturally excited by its progress driving by it the other day. The area is also quite devoid of traffic jams right now as you can see in the picture below.

Let's take a closer look.. New paintwork, of course. See the covered pedestrian walkway/waiting area in front of the terminal by the road? Commuters would appreciate this - great for rain or shine. The place is not quite ready yet, note the boarding.

Front-view.. Completely new look..

Familiar entry ramp. If you are driving, this is the only way in. This is one-way. Exit is through another way, at the back of the complex.

Good news for you if Puduraya is your hub for public transportation for going outstation, e.g., for going back to your hometown. The authorities have now set April 16 for the new date for the opening of the RM52mil terminal.

We will see a host of facilities that will improve the level of transportation services. There are two escalators heading to the basement where buses are parked and one travellator from a new main entrance to the ground floor.

Before, the waiting area was hot and uncomfortable for travellers waiting to get on or for people waiting for friends and family to arrive. The place used to be dusty and filled with carbon fumes. In the new terminal, heat from the bus engines and smoke will no longer affect the passengers at the ground floor with the new air-conditioned waiting area.

Other new features include ticket counters on the first floor, a surau (prayer area) on the second floor and a food court on the fourth floor.

All the 198 previous tenants including bus operators, food outlets, retail outlets, convenience stores and baggage storage will return to Puduraya. There will be 51 ticket counters for 72 bus companies.

Travellers to note:
- Puduraya terminal will only be for northbound routes
- Bandar Tasik Selatan terminal will be for southbound routes beginning March l, 2011

Information on and Map of Bandar Tasik Selatan

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  1. If that area is devoid of traffic jam, then I hope Puduraya bus terminal will not reopen, haha...

  2. What about the one at Tasik Selatan? Just temporary? Sorry never buy & read badnewspaper..tQ for sharing.

  3. Puduraya - sure bring back memories of my teenage years travelling to school and college. :D

  4. i try to avoid going there because of the congested traffic all time, even now when it's under renovation i've already used to avoid the place, haha!!

  5. nicely renovated but the problem is, with a nicer Puduraya, will it not cause the congested traffice?? :p

  6. Anonymous10:18 PM

    Am not trying to be mean but I wish they would close down the bus terminal. Infamous for its horrific jam in and around the area with cars and other vehicles parked haphazardly. I wonder if things will change for the better.

  7. Too bad the main operation will not be here anymore. :( But I prefer the one in Pudu.

  8. I seldom drive past Puduraya but that day during Chnese New Year, I thought of going for a leisure drive in KL. It was good driving through Petaling Street and the vicinity during that time - no jam at all! : )

  9. Bananaz, to answer your query, for the time being, the Bukit Jalil temporary terminal would continue to cater to the north-bound routes and intracity buses, while the express buses catering for the southbound routes would have to start operations at Bandar Tasik Selatan terminal on March 1.