Saturday, February 26, 2011

Product Reviews that are Realistic

How many of us first read a product review before we buy the product? Probably not many but when it comes to something we take in orally, our natural instinct would be to first read up on the product, wouldn't you agree? Better be safe than sorry later.

We often come across product reviews that just talk about the positive aspects and they sometimes can be biased and possibly misleading. As consumers, what we really need is a review that covers both positives and negatives and let us decide on whether to part with our money. Here is a site that does just that: I would have a lot more confidence going by product reviews on this site than from one that just sings praises all the time. What say you?


  1. it depends on what kind of products, for me if i'm getting electronic gadgets i'll research for some review - from internet or from words of mouth, and then do comparisons between brand and models.. :)

  2. SK, you're a wise shopper and I believe all wise shoppers do some sort of research before we part with our money and end up with some gadget that is not up to our expectations.