Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How to Increase website traffic

It is no secret that successful online businesses have more traffic than their competitors. And we all know that website traffic is critical for any online business. Traffic equals sales or conversions and more traffic increases these results. Therefore, any marketer who seriously wants to see more business needs to first increase website traffic.

In order to have website traffic increase, the site would need to be visible on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Not only does the website have to be visible, but it has to appear on the first page, ideally on the top few positions, i.e., above the fold. Research has shown that top-ranked companies get more traffic, thus more sales.

One search engine optimization company that can help you increase your website ranking and in turn increase your website traffic is ThinkBigsites.com. While most companies in this industry are still using antiquated SEO methods that simply do not work any longer to produce organic search engine optimization results, ThinkBIG uses new strategies and formulas to ensure clients websites get on the first page of search engine results.

Clients who are taking part in their organic search engine optimization services will see their SEO status increased and stabilized within 3 to 6 months.

ThinkBIG uses methodologies listed here to ensure your site gets to the top of search engine rankings. They do a Meta data length and relevancy analysis. Meta data length is analyzed because Meta's that are too long or too short can harm SEO potential. Links are also analyzed and broken links are then fixed or removed because broken links do more harm than good. Website architecture is very important because websites that are poorly developed can harm the ability for search engines to crawl a website.

Site maps are very important. They tell search engines which pages of your website you would like to have indexed. ThinkBIG will create a site map and insert code that tells the search engines to go to the website site map and index the appropriate pages. ThinkBIG will then submit site maps and websites to Google, Yahoo, MSN and DMOZ to make sure the site is indexed to appear on the rankings.

Many of us are not aware but Content Heading is crucial in page ranking. ThinkBIG creates keyword-rich content headings to help search engines use these headings to determine the main topic of the page and assign it more substantial weight in the overall algorithm of rankings.

These are just some of the many methods employed by ThinkBig to deliver results. Compared to antiquated methods used by others, these are cutting edge that will ensure your website gets top ranking and traffic that you want and deserve.


  1. Seriously, the number 1 rule to increase website traffic is to have good contents.

  2. Thanks for this info! : )

  3. I think this is the greatest issue that comes parallel to the creation of a website. When someone is on to building a website, he/she definitely keeps the optimizing issue in mind. Its obvious.

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