Friday, February 25, 2011

Where to register as a Voter?

Have been receiving a number of hits lately on where to register as a voter. Thought I don't mind sounding like a broken record.

Again, have you registered to vote? It is every citizen's right to vote. Of course, it is also your right not to vote. The latter simply means that you give up exercising your right of choosing the government you want, one that will bring the country and people forward.

In case you have not registered as a voter and would like to start exercising your right, you can register to vote at any Post Office.

However, if you have already registered and would like to confirm that you are in the system, here is where you can confirm your registration. It will take you to this page..

Register to vote. Exercise your right as a citizen.


  1. Bananaz need to go back Jupiter for voting. tQ

  2. Bananaz need to change address to Earth so no hassle of teleporting back. hehe..

  3. So have you registered yours yet? :p The election is coming really soon!

  4. Tekkaus, but of course! I've even voted! Good citizen, hor? LOL! Have you?