Thursday, February 17, 2011

Goldfish Magic trick

Dogs, even tigers can be trained to perform tricks but can fish do tricks? In a magic show performed by Chinese magician, Fu Yandong, fishes were able to swim in unison.

However, animal activists in China say the now-famous magic trick that showed goldfish swimming in sync for the Lunar New Year is abusive and are asking the state broadcaster not to show it again. The worry is that magnets were implanted in the fish or that they were controlled by electric current.

Fu is scheduled to perform the act again during Thursday's China Central Television (CCTV) broadcast of the Lantern Festival, which ends the Lunar New Year events.

Wondering what the fuss is all about? Here's the video.

Chinese worry New Year magic act is cruel to fish


  1. Year year got fish
    What a magnetic fish
    My papa's papa's papa
    Once said not to beleaf too much in magic..muahahaha.

  2. Your papa's papa's papa is very wise.

    Year year got fish to you too, Bananaz!

  3. Really? magnets implanted on the fishes?!

  4. LOL @ Bananaz' comment! : D

  5. Chinese are great in cheating...

  6. oh that's really amazing, as if he can really communicate with the fish.. implanting magnet and electrical current control?? hmmm, that's interesting..

  7. Foong, no one knows except the magician.. and he's not telling..

  8. KS, some call it being creative. No?

  9. SK, that's magic! haha..