Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I may need Appetite suppresants

I think I have added on some pounds. All that feasting over the Chinese New Year holiday has vastly increased my appetite. I read that when you begin to increase your food intake continuously, your appetite increases as a result.

On the other hand, when you eat less, your appetite decreases in tandem. I guess this could be how one can maintain one's weight - by eating moderate amounts. However, for anyone who needs a little help in the discipline department, there is an easy way out. Look for the best appetite suppressants to help you do the job. That way, you won't be so tempted.


  1. That sounds right. I've been eating a lot lesser and I've lost 2 kgs (plus stress somemore). 2kgs are a lot for me as I'm already 98% lighter than the majority. I might have to put that weight back.

  2. My tummy's capacity to hold food diminished when it got conditioned to eat small. XD

    But sucks when it's time to hit the buffett table because cannot eat so much alreday! LOL

  3. hmmm, yeah, guess i've been eating more and more also.. perhaps how good it will be if i can get a temporary aneroxia, haha :D

  4. Me too! Ate way too much this Chinese New Year. Now it's back to eat less and exercise more! : )