Tuesday, October 26, 2010

No reason not to have Health Insurance

I met up with a friend the other day whom I haven't met in a while to catch up on each other's life. What's nice about having friends in different lines of work or who have different interests and hobbies is you get new perspectives each time you get together. This friend of mine sells insurance besides holding down a day job.

From this friend, I learn about the importance of insurance and the various types of insurance and the different available policies for each type. She advises that everyone, especially those with dependents, should have a life insurance policy. As for health insurance, there's no reason not to take up one as there are many affordable health insurance policies available. Your insurance agent will be able to advise you.


  1. health insurance is important to cover your health. rent in singapore hope you are interested.

  2. It is a necessity to have health insurance done for all the member of the family. In the present world, Insurance plays an important role in various sphere of life. It is a must.

  3. yeah, you can ignore any other kind of insurance, but medical and health insurance is a must to have!!