Thursday, October 7, 2010

Measuring Resting Metabolic Rate for weight management

If you are looking for measuring devices in relation to fitness and weight management, here is a site for you.

Health and Fitness Network stocks over 36,000 medical products from gadgets that measure resting metabolic rate to body composition analyzers, including Futrex. Futrex is fast, accurate, portable and simple to use and is now taking body composition analysis to the next level with their enhanced features. The new FUTREX-5500® now has a convenient new push button on the light wand, making body fat testing even faster and easier.

MedGem is used to measure resting metabolic rate or RMR and is now being used by Personal Trainers, Nutritionists, and Health Club Owners to help their clients lose weight. This convenient and simple to use measuring device has been certified accurate and is the measuring device of choice over the traditional metabolic cart.

For home use, BodyGem is the device for measuring resting metabolic rate. Owning one is the start of creating a personalized weight management plan and seeing it to fruition.

Being dedicated to the sale of products that measure fitness levels, there is no better site than Health and Fitness Network to help anyone manage his or her weight. Visit the site for more information or call them tollfree.

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