Thursday, October 28, 2010

Going to Borobudur


Oh dear! The death toll is rising after the second eruption of Mount Merapi this afternoon spewing volcanic clouds of ash some 3,500m into the air. With all that chaos going on, it must be difficult for funeral arrangements to be properly carried out if need be.

A girlfriend will be going to Borobudur next month. She's wondering whether conditions will improve then. Over 42,000 have been evacuated to temporary shelters around Yogyakarta where my girlfriend and her party will be touching down.

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  1. i just read paper today, the borobudur is covered by ashes and need to be cleaned by the authority, they also mentioned that the worse is yet to come in the next few days..

  2. Oh my! That sounds bad that the volcanic ashes have spread so far out! Thanks for the info, SK. Will have to check out the article.

    So, are you at your new job already or relaxing at home before the first day of the month on Monday to start work?

  3. Better postpone. :D

  4. Tekkaus, I guess but it's a month away. Conditions might improve. Anyway, I can't get word to her because she's now holidaying in Turkey.

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