Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Adirondack chair, butcher block countertop and memories..

Doesn't this pretty chair look just the perfect chair for the front porch? This is an adirondack chair or rather a bench seat rocking chair that is designed with love in mind, and an extra long seat offers plenty of room for two. Adirondack chairs combine solid construction with classic American style and are hand-crafted with the finest wood from plantation grown southern yellow pine, a renewable resource that resists insects and rot.

In every home, there is bound to be an item or two of furniture that stand out among the rest. I used to visit a schoolmate's home after school and I remember I was very impressed with their butcher block countertop in the kitchen. I was amazed when my schoolmate told me that it was her father's idea though he wasn't the cook at home. How fascinating! I was also fascinated by their stainless steel kitchen sink which was sparkling and huge or so I thought at that time. Strange how we perceive things differently as adults. Exposure makes all the difference, I guess.


  1. in malaysia, if you put this chair in your front porch, most probably it'll end up being stolen!! haha~~ :D

  2. Heard the rocking chair is very good for senior citizen to rock their memory which gives them great assistance to stay robust thus preventing them for getting alz...oops oh no!!! not so soon, not yet okkkk ..itsss alzeimer.. haiz...

  3. Anonymous8:57 PM

    Love the cherry colour of the chair.

  4. wow nice chair
    i love its color

  5. This is indeed the first time I got to know that this type of chairs come with a double sitting arrangement. These chairs are often very comfortable.