Thursday, October 28, 2010

Of plastic bags and receipt printers

A lot of things in everyday life we take for granted or rather we assume it's going to be there since it's been there all the while. I was at a supermarket the other day and was not too happy when the plastic bag roll was empty. It got worse when even the weighing section had no plastic bag and the lady just stuck the price tag at the tomato, potato and pear among the lot! What a joke! I wanted to get some fish and the prospect of not having a bag for it put me off but was pleasantly surprised when the plastic rolls there are full.

Another item we take for granted when out shopping is the receipt printer. You wish you were at the next line when you have to wait while the cashier replenishes the printer paper or fixes a paper-jam. Okay, there are worse things. Anyway, my point is, things are not always what they are and to appreciate them when they are. Does that make sense?

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