Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Haunted Hotels

I just read "10 Most Haunted Hotels" on TripAdvisor and was thinking I too have a hotel ghost story to tell though it was my travel companion who came face-to-face with the ghost. She even had her pullover removed. Yikes!

Those who have had experienced paranormal episodes in hotel rooms would identify with the reviews and revelations on the TripAdvisor article. Some of the stories do really give one a serious chill that no heated blanket can help but then again a heated blanket would work wonderfully on a cold wintry night under normal circumstances.

Image source: TripAdvisor


  1. must avoid the hotels at all cost lor. :D

  2. Some people actually like to spend a night at a haunted hotel.

    For me? Count me out!

  3. Must be a hamsap pull her pullover.

  4. Tekkaus, not really because sometimes it's only certain rooms that are haunted and then again, not everyone will encounter them. Just like my travel companion did but the ghost left me alone. I would have freaked out and would have requested for a different room.

    Lina, I don't know about that..

  5. Bananaz, hamsap ghost? LOL! It looked like a lady-ghost, wor - wet long straight hair and she was dressed in a long white dress, just like the image we normally see in movies. Certainly not my friend's imagination because she saw it the very first night itself and we were there for four nights. Her pullover was removed on the last night. I believe she wouldn't have told me about the encounter if I had not asked her what she was groping for under the pillow when I saw her doing it the night before. She's one brave girl, alright.