Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Frolics - What Color Is Your Birthday?

If there's a color attached to a birthday, what's yours? Mine's purple though the part about me being moody and all isn't true.

Well, it's Friday again. What can I say but have yourself a colorful day!

Your Birthday is Purple

You are the independent type. It's hard for people to peg, label, or stereotype you.

You enjoy people and things from all walks of life. You're incredibly open minded.

You tend to be a bit fickle and even moody. You can end up hating what you love and vice versa.

Your preferences and actions can be a bit mysterious at times. It's hard to predict what you'll do.


  1. oh, my birthday is WHITE!!!

    You are the peaceful type. You want a lot of things in your life, but you are not attached to any of them. You are able to rise above most petty human emotions. You don't get jealous or hurt easily.
    You are very different from most people, and everyone you meet is able to figure that out quite quickly. While you don't exactly fit in, you can still relate to others well. People think highly of you.

  2. Wish for purple but still ok lah quite close --PINK!tQ
    You are the dreamy type. You can't help but be an idealist, even if your dreams get crushed from time to time.
    You have a vision of how the world should be. You work hard to make life easier and better for people.

    You are generous. In fact, you give until it hurts and expect nothing in return.
    You are sometimes disappointed. It's discouraging to have such high hopes when things don't work out.