Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wayne Rooney highest paid footballer

Reading the message board on the Manchester United website about Wayne Rooney's staying tells me that a lot of fans are happy about that. Me too. With the new contract, Rooney is now the highest paid footballer in the world making GBP250,000 a week!

Talk about football, I heard on tv the other day that David Beckham insured his body for 5Billion dollars or is it GBP, not too sure! A lot of hardwork has gone into making that body what it is. For lesser mortals, there is creatine powders, of course. These powders are effective in giving more energy to the muscles for a trimmer body.

Image source: ManUtd website


  1. Imagine what I can do with that amount of $$$. XD

  2. Wow! If I earn that kind of money, I would spend it on travels, travels and travels!! : D

  3. LOL! Lina, the mind boggles and the imagination runs wild, doesn't it?

    Foong, travel it is for you!

  4. Though some controversy arose over the past few weeks about the most skillful and flexible player of the present time, Rooney was offered the highest amount by MU. It is undoubtedly the best answer that he could give to his critics.