Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Shopping in Bangkok and more..

Topic at the breakfast table this morning was Bangkok and the shopping there. A colleague who just came back from her shopping spree with her two daughters said that Bangkok is truly a shopping venue and that one of her daughters bought sixteen or was it 26 dresses! They had to buy an extra bag to hold the shopping goodies.

It always amazes me that people will go to great lengths to lug the extra baggage when they travel abroad. I have friends and colleagues who have brought back boxes and boxes of cookware from Langkawi and Haadyai, tons of clothes from Bangkok (of course), bundles of batik from Indonesia, bedding and towels from the US, and the list goes on. One even brought back a stained glass table-top from Bali! But then again, that is one beautiful artwork which now makes a great conversation piece at the patio.

One colleague vouches that bedding in the US are undoubtedly of better quality than the ones we find here. Talk about bedding, I came across one such site, matouk. They have great stuff and high-thread count luxurious bedding, towels, etc., and they've been in business since 1929!

So, are you one who doesn't mind all that lugging from your shopping? What's your biggest achievement?


  1. In my opinion Bangkok is the best place for shopping. You will find so many beautiful things to buy. All the things comes in very cheaper rate.

  2. Singapore is already famous as a popular tourist destination. But in the recent time it is turning out to be a popular shopping destination too. One always wants to buy different electronics goods from there.