Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Buying presents in advance

Do you know of anyone who keeps an inventory of gifts so that he or she doesn't have to scramble to get one when the occasion comes along? I have a friend who does just that. Whenever she comes across something nice, she'd picked it up. She'd buy items appropriate for different occasions - birthdays, weddings, housewarming, etc. Naturally, toys top her list for the many nieces and nephews she has. I suppose she has to remember to stick to things that are not time-sensitive otherwise her presents won't be that much appreciated.


  1. Anonymous1:24 PM

    I don't know of anyone who buys gifts in advance. But I have seen on tv of people doing early Christmas shopping. I am not someone who buys presents in advance.

  2. Buying last minute is very "Qi kek". Haha :D Hmm...most importantly buy when a sale is going on.

  3. Mei Teng, yeah, most if not all of us prefer to go shopping when the occasion arises. Different strokes..

    Tekkaus, true, a sale stretches the ringgit though sometimes you're caught with having to get a gift with no sale in sight.

  4. it is indeed advisable for us to buy presents for Christmas this early for us to get cheaper items