Tuesday, March 27, 2012

CNNGo's Asia's 10 greatest street food cities

Penang has done it again! Penang tops CNNGo's list of Asia's 10 greatest street food cities. Others in the list are Taipei, Bangkok, Fukuoka, Hanoi, Singapore, Seoul, Xi'an. Manila and Phnom Penh.

Penang's best street dishes on the list include

1. Penang assam laksa

2. Hokkien mee
3. Wonton mee
4. Nasi kandar
5. Rojak

6. Lor bak
7. Curry mee
8. Char kway teow

9. Koay chiap
10.Ice kacang

Visit CNNGo for information on where to find these lip-smacking food in Penang. Although these food can be found all over Malaysia, they may taste slightly different from the ones served in Penang.

Image source: CNNGo.com


  1. You make me want to immigrate to Malaysia. I don't know most of these dishes, but they look/sound delicious. You guys need any jungle women from Africa who can teach English? :D

  2. wow, great to know that huh.. and now doesn't this send a strong message to Singapore who just want to claim everything to be under their originality?? hahahaha~~

  3. Rurousha,
    You'll be tearing your hair off teaching English here.

    Not only we tend to mis-use apostrophes a LOT, we have Manglish too.

    Still want to come? xD

  4. I'm craving for char koay teow. Yummy...

  5. Rurousha, yes, please do - we need your money. :p

    Delicious is the word especially the first dish, the Assam laksa. Assam is the local word for sour or sourish so you can imagine how deliciously appetizing this dish can be.

    Oh, we do need English lessons! And we could teach you how to build treehouses - afterall (some people believe) we still do live in trees!

  6. SK, hey hey hey, be nice! Though you do have a point there. *grin*

  7. Lina, char kway teow, yum(!) especially with cockles and Chinese sausages added, non-halal the latter, I'm afraid.

  8. *gulp* gotta visit penang soon! i miss asam laksa penang!!! ;p

  9. Wah! happysurfer, this is a torture. I can only see but cannot grab and eat leh :o)

  10. Hokkien Mee is the Malaysia dark soy with zhu you zha or Singapore prawn noodle?

  11. Hi Nia, gulping here too. LOL
    Thanks for stopping by.

  12. Ai Shiang, LOL! Any of this food available in Sydney Chinatown?

  13. Nath, oh dear, you've got me craving for that Hokkien Mee with zhu you zha now. So sinful but so delicious this Hokkien Mee.

    When you come to KL, you must try this noodle dish in Chinatown, esp the one at the traffic light junction.

    Also, for Asam Laksa and Yong Tau Foo, go to the stalls at the wet market in Chinatown.

    The best and authentic Chinese food can all be found in Chinatown. There is the roast duck, wantan beefball mee, beef noodle and not forgetting the congee. Yum Yum!