Thursday, March 15, 2012

Indonesian maids will no longer do multi-tasking

There is finally good news for employers who have been waiting patiently for their Indonesian maid(s) to come on board. But this time, there is a twist to the employment. Maids will no longer do multi-tasking.

Indonesian maids will be employed to handle only one task - cooking or baby-sitting or taking care of the elderly or housekeeping.

This was concluded at the Malaysia-Indonesian Joint Task Force for Deployment, Placement and Protection of Indonesian Maids' meeting here on Thursday.

The first batch of 106 Indonesian maids bound for Malaysia are now undergoing the four skill-training courses for 21 days and will be paid at least RM700 a month.

More on The Star.. No more multi-tasking for Indonesian maids


  1. It feels almost surreal to read about maids again. I mean, real maids, not the cute French "maids" in Akihabara. Japan, of course, doesn't have the real thing, but maids are part of day-to-day life in South Africa, where they're referred to as "domestic help".

    If a maid in SA works more than x number of hours per week for one employee, that employee has to provide medical insurance, paid holiday and various other benefits. You have that, too?

    PS: I had a brilliant maid who worked for me for many years in Johannesburg. I'm still in touch with her. I miss her! :(

  2. No more multi tasking but their salary increased?

  3. Rurousha, generally, the ones from Indonesia hardly go out on their day off whereas the ones from the Philippines go out to meet their pals/go to church on their offday, Sunday.

    Insurance - not sure.

    Paid holiday - usually, when the family goes on a holiday (baby and elders included), the help normally comes along if the holiday is domestic.

    Medical - yes.

    Lucky you to be having a brilliant maid in SA.

    French "maids" in Akihabara, Japan - cute is the word.

  4. It is interesting to note that an indon maid/any asian maid works for minimum 10 hours a day in malaysia. Supposed to do anything and everything in their house as well as anywhere she is taken, even at the resturant. Carry the baby when boss is having dinnerLet us assume her salary is Rm 700.00 that works out to be 700 divide by 30 = Rm 23+ a day, that means divide by 10 hours= Rm.2.30 cents an hour. Still we complain. Even if her salary is 900.00 it is around Rm 30.00Teacher gets 2 days off after working 7 days and 15 after 2 month of just being present in - medical leave and and 45 days off after 10 months . whether he or she teaches. Similarly now of other professional are always attending meeting and enjoy 6 free meals a day, supposed to be bettering them themselves . in which countrycan you find maids cheaper than this.