Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Floating Yoga is the new fad in Yoga

Browsing through bath mats and toilet stuff online the other day, took me to a site on exercise, yoga and yoga mats. Didn't know there are even yoga mats for children. Anyway, a yoga mat would definitely be a better gift for the girlfriend who received that box of condoms I commented about in the previous post, The Weirdest Gift.

Talk about yoga, there is now a new form of yoga. I read about floating yoga a few days ago.

Suspended mid-air on a hammock with your feet in stirrups, looking like a puppet on strings or a flying trapeze. This is floating yoga, the latest form of yoga currently the rage in Singapore. It is offered exclusively at the newly-opened Celebrity Fitness gym at Rochester Mall near Bouna Vista.

Floating yoga is an exercise programme developed by the gym’s fitness development director, John J. Sweeney. It joins a long list of other yoga fads that include hot yoga, lunar flow yoga and even baby yoga.

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