Saturday, March 3, 2012

Where to buy Gold coins and Keep Them Safely

What do you do with a note that is torn off at one of its corners? The other day, I found such a note in my purse - RM5 (polymer) note with a big part of its top-left corner torn off. I am now figuring out how to use it. Any suggestions?

Unlike coins, dollar notes are more susceptible to wear and tear, polymer or otherwise. Coins, on the other hand, add weight to one's bag or pocket.

On the subject of coins and currency, let me digress a little. If you have a grand collection of gold bullion or gold coins (such as the ones in the image that you can buy from the US mint, there is now a place you can store your gold safely closer to home, home being here in Malaysia.

The new storage facility has been set up in Singapore, no need to go to Switzerland to deposit your stash.


  1. Regarding your torn note - I'd take it to your bank where they should exchange it for a new one. I have done that in the US and in Japan. As long as you have more than 1/2 of the note, the bank should accept it.

  2. Torn note? Either you go to bank to have it exchanged or just use it at places that you can pay and leave fast. Haha!!

  3. I hate to carry coins! Maybe they should do away with coins! LOL! Oh, btw, the new coins are so confusing! I can't differentiate between all the denominations!

  4. Thanks, PandaB, I think I'll try that.

    Foong, there's a thought - and pass the buck to someone else? I'd feel less guilty going for an exchange at the bank though.

    Yeah, I do agree about the new coins being difficult to differentiate from one denomination to the other. They could have used a bolder font for the numbers to make them stand out.

  5. Many coins have a huge gap in value between grades. Avoid the issue by buying only coins that have been graded by one of the third party grading services.