Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wear more clothes..

Have you ever noticed that people somehow will get around to talking shop, even during break times, and/or in social gatherings after work? Yesterday we were talking about an article about a freshman at a Singapore Polytechnic who made a plea on an online forum to his female coursemates to "wear more clothes"? This is what The Star reported:

China Press reported that a freshman at Singapore Polytechnic made a plea on an online forum to his female coursemates to “wear more clothes”.

He said he had worked hard to enter the institution and he needed to concentrate on his studies without being distracted by girls.

“Can ask them not to be too revealing? Shorts, mini skirts, sleeveless ... how can I concentrate in class?” he wrote.

He also complained that the girls “loved to show off their cleavage and long legs”.

“It's okay if they are ugly. But they are all very pretty!” he wrote.

His post has attracted much criticism, with some people labelling him a monk while others called him hopeless.

Male colleagues generally found nothing wrong with the dresscode of the female coursemates while female colleagues thought there must be some restraint in an education environment. The discussion got quite excited when all of a sudden someone digressed and asked about some motor spare parts for a certain machine, a three phase motor, I think. See what I mean about talking shop?


  1. Was that someone who asked about the motor a man? See? Men are more interested in cars than girls! :D

  2. You got it! Is that why they sometimes refer to their car as their wife or girlfriend? Whatever..