Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Frolics - What's Your European Summer Vacation?

How does a summer vacation grab you? I know, we don't have summers here but just the sound of "summer vacation" rings happiness. LOL!

This Friday's quiz says Rome is the place I should be heading to for a European summer vacation. What's your European summer vacation destination? Take the quiz to find out..

Your Summer Vacation is Rome

You are warm and welcoming. You will go the extra mile to make someone feel included.

Hospitality is important to you. You like to feel welcomed by strangers.

You are people focused and extroverted. You know what's going on in everyone else's life.

You are family oriented. Some of your best memories revolve around the family dinner table.


  1. oh MOSCOW!! that sounds interesting, i've not been there..
    You are vivacious and high-spirited. You take a breezy approach to living your life. You take life by the horns and are big on taking a chance. You aren't going to sit at home bored! You are a truly extroverted person. People matter to you, and you get so energized from socializing. You are downright amusing. Your odd sense of humor gets people laughing.

  2. Bananaz same as SK from Russia with Love. HappySurfer early morning got this message 'your blog being removed'. Oh gee another technical glitch! tQ Have a great Summer Holiday.

  3. Holy cow! I got Moscow too :o)

  4. Oh, mine is LONDON!!

    Hmmm... kind of right. Although I wish it said Sweden :p