Sunday, March 4, 2012

How to Make Your Own Organic Fertilizer

I noticed I've been posting more videos lately. I wonder why I have not been using more of this medium in the past. Anyway, basically I am a seeing-is-believing kind of person so I thought it would be good to show-and-tell, sort of, than just talking about it leaving it to the imagination.

I saw a documentary the other night about gardening and composting, and how to go about the latter. Interesting stuff. If you love gardening, it only makes sense to make your own organic fertilizer. It is free and good for your plants too.

And yesterday, I stumbled on a video on a Composter Buyer's Guide. If you are planning to do composting, a composter may be a better choice over doing it on the ground. I haven't seen compost bins or composter being sold here but you certainly can buy a composter online and there is a good range you can choose from too. But first, watch the video for the composter buying guide.


  1. Nice overview. I have one similar to the first one shown, but it is hard to mix. So I also have a compost pile on the ground. I've tried worm composting a couple of times, but I've not been happy with the maintenance required or the results.
    I've got a kitchen anaerobic composter that works well for kitchen scraps. Electric ones use way too much energy in my opinion.

    Composting is the way to go. Why let all that kitchen waste end up in a landfill? And yard clippings should always be recycled through composting.

  2. hahaha, thanks for sharing this interesting tips.. but i don't think i'll try to make my own~~ :p

  3. Oh, my dad also makes his own compost for his plants in the pots.

    Thanks for the tips! I'm one of those who also love gardening! Even though for now it's still in a smaller scale :)

  4. Thanks, PandaB, for your insight. Composting may be encouraged for households here when we face the problem of landfill shortage. But before that, we'll first need to get started on sorting out our garbage for disposal.

  5. SK, not many would, because it takes effort and commitment.

  6. Rad, good for your dad. I suppose if one has a garden, composting will be part of the gardening activity.

    Oh yes, I do remember your post on making a terrarium. How is it doing?