Thursday, March 22, 2012

Steel workshop buildings - a better alternative

It is one thing to have an office well-maintained but quite another having to smell paint for a number of days and feeling queasy in the process. Our office building just had a new coat of paint. It's looking like new now though a few colleagues are ranting about the strong smell of paint that will most probably linger on for another week or so.
Besides the new coat of paint, some extension for more storage space is also in progress. It helps when there is ample room for expansion. Talk about ample room, I was looking at a site the other day on steel workshop buildings and how simple they are to assemble besides being durable and attractive-looking. These structures can be used for many purposes including as a garage, backyard storage, warehouse, heavy equipment storage, workshop, classroom, aircraft hangar, a gymnasium, an ice-skating rink, even as a grain storage facility. The options are quite endless really, and best of all, no painting required.

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