Saturday, April 6, 2013

Confidence in the Malaysian stock market

The Malaysian stock market is still going strong, still resilient even after the announcement of the dissolution of Parliament or maybe because of it. Even though local retailers are taking profit, there is strong foreign support.

According to The Star,

In MIDF Equity Research's April 1 report on fund flows, it noted that foreign funds are interested in Malaysian equity.

“Foreign investors were in the market buying every single day last week. Buying momentum was extremely strong with net absorption exceeding RM300mil a day from Monday to Thursday,” it said.

Year-to-date, foreign investors have already bought RM9bil net of Malaysian equity compared with RM13.7bil in 2012.

“Foreign participation rate also stayed elevated last week. Average daily gross purchase and sale was RM1.08bil, the fourth week in a row that it had exceeded RM1bil.”

MIDF said these are “positive overtures for Bursa Malaysia”.

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  1. Wow Bursa Malaysia like a yoyo or rather roller coaster just after the announcement.

  2. Interesting that foreign investment is still on the increase while locals are taking profit and adopting a wait-and-see stance.

  3. Nope made nothing so far being waiting for GE13

    1. Patience is rewarding here and now.

  4. i dare not but much stock.