Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Beatles and Rickenbacker guitars

The name Rickenbacker was unfamiliar to me until I saw it on a guitar brought into the office by a visiting colleague. He wanted to have it fixed by a friend here who is in the guitar-making business.

Rickenbacker International Corporation, also known as Rickenbacker, is an electric and bass guitar manufacturer based in Santa Ana, California. In 1932, the company became the world's first to produce electric guitars and eventually produced a range of electric and bass guitars.

Rickenbacker benefited tremendously during the 1960s when a couple of Rickenbacker guitar models became permanently associated with the sound and look of The Beatles. Over the years, The Beatles' extensive use of Rickenbacker guitars helped in their popularity. Rickenbacker guitars and basses continue to be very popular to this day with demand persistently and exponentially outstripping new factory supply. Demand is particularly high amongst retro groups who have been influenced by the sound and look of the 1960s.

Source: Wikipedia

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