Sunday, May 26, 2013

My left hand..

Last week a few of us at the office were bending down helping a maintenance co-worker pick up some tools of his trade. He had accidentally spilled his toolbox of contents. Among the little knick-knacks strewn on the floor were nuts and bolts, hinges, Allen keys, screw-drivers and lots of washers rolling in all directions. I struggled to pick up what looked like a lock washer with my right hand but managed to pick it up with my left. hmm..

True. I'm more adept with my left hand when it comes to picking up small objects like pins, tacks and coins. I do play a mean game of saga seeds - with my left hand, of course. My right hand? Used for writing, bowling and other regular duties, including handling the mouse, the kind that sits beside the computer.

I'd probably use both hands for grabbing raining money. Wouldn't you too?



  1. grabbing money i will use hands and legs lor LOL

  2. hahahaha!! i just wanted to say what Small Kucing commented above!! :D

  3. Grabbing money? Will use a huge sucking machine! LOL!

    1. Money does get brain juices flowing! LOL!