Wednesday, May 29, 2013

TripAdvisor's 25 Best Destinations in the World -- 2013 is a travel website that assists customers in gathering travel information, posting reviews and opinions of travel-related content and engaging in interactive travel forums. TripAdvisor is a website many travellers go to for information on a place or city they intend to visit.

Eight cities in the Asia Pacific region made it to this year's TripAdvisor's list of 25 Best Destinations in the World. The cities are ranked according to travellers' choice.

Here are the eight cities that made the cut:

Sydney, Australia - comes in at #10

Bangkok, Thailand - at #13

Tokyo, Japan - #15

Beijing, China - #21

Shanghai, China - #22
Siem Reap, Cambodia - #23
Chiang Mai, Thailand - #24
Queenstown, New Zealand - #25

Here's the 25 in ascending order..

25. Queenstown, New Zealand
24. Chiang Mai, Thailand
23. Siem Reap, Cambodia
22. Shanghai, China
21. Beijing, China
20. St. Petersburg, Russia
19. Marrakech, Morocco
18. Buenos Aires, Argentina
17. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
16. Cape Town Central, South Africa
15. Tokyo, Japan
14. Chicago, U.S.A.
13. Bangkok, Thailand
12. Istanbul, Turkey
11. Berlin, Germany
10. Sydney, Australia
9. Prague, Czech Republic
8. Florence, Italy
7. San Francisco, U.S.A.
6. Venice, Italy
5. Barcelona, Spain
4. Rome
3. London
2. New York City
1. Paris

How many have you been too? Is there any in your 2013's travel list?

Find out why travellers have picked these cities to make them TripAdvisor's Travellers' Choice 25 Best Destinations in the World.


  1. oh, none of the Malaysian cities is in the list!! i've been to 11 out of the 25, hmmm, not even half of them!!

    pssst "Bangkok, China - at #13" above the photo??? :p

    1. Oops! Bad geography! Thanks. Got it adjusted.

      Wow, 11 out of 25! Super record!

  2. Tokyo and Cape Town! Yay! Both my cities are on this list! :D

    1. Wow, lucky you living in two of the best!

  3. i wanna start of with nearby places ...Bangkok

    1. That's a good start and go from there. Happy holidays!

  4. I want to start with some exotic countries like Thailand. I did a bit of research on Japan, seems like not much interesting things there though.

    1. I suppose it depends on what one is looking for. I think Japan is a great place for visiting temples and nature (parks and blossoms), and for soaking in the positives in the Japanese culture.

      Thailand could be a good start and close enough too.