Sunday, April 5, 2009

AirAsia awarded World's Best Low-cost Carrier 2009

Air travel is really an expensive affair. For example, a return ticket to Singapore and back to Kuala Lumpur on Malaysia Airlines would set you back around RM600. With the introduction of budget airline, the same return trip on AirAsia (though on the first flight out) would only cost you RM158.

This substantial difference in airfare has resulted in a lot more people travelling for leisure though travellers might gripe about AirAsia's time-keeping, comfort level of seats, price of cabin food and whatnot.

In spite of all the complaints, AirAsia's products and service standards have been voted by travellers as above those of other low cost carriers. While MAS has been awarded World's Best Cabin Staff, AirAsia has been awarded World’s Best Low-cost Carrier by Skytrax beating competitors like Ryanair, Easyjet and Southwest Airlines.

AirAsia group chief executive officer Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes said, "AirAsia stood among other low-cost carriers largely based on its amazing cabin crew, professional pilots and guest serving staff on the ground."

“We are also good in many ways including on-time schedule, web check-in, airbus and food. Our assigned seating system has pleased many passengers and our call centre has high performance in serving them,” he said.

He said AirAsia’s efforts to improve would not stop here as the ultimate aim was to be the best airline in the world.

There you see, AirAsia is not bad, not bad at all.


  1. actually not bad la, I have tried once.. but the rush for seat very frightening..

  2. Hi Robin. I agree. Before my first flight on AirAsia, I didn't expect it would be that pleasant but like you said, actually not bad la. LOL! I'm glad there's allocation of seats now. Phew!!

    Psst.. I was in Kuching in Dec. Didn't go kayaking though. ;) Besides, it was raining the day we arrived until the day we left. :(

    Have you been there lately?

  3. Oh, good. Now they allocate seats, no more of the first come first served nonsense lol. Well, if they do a good job, they need the award haha.

  4. How about flight delay and long queue in the airport?

  5. JL, on the negative side, allocating seats means an extra cost but then again, I'm all for seat allocation instead of having to rush for it - kinda unruly and quite difficult if you have a heavy bag with you.

    KS, fortunately, I did not experience any noticeable delay on my flights. Come to think of it even regular airlines make you wait. Don't they?

    As for long queue, isn't this normal for all flights? Maybe there's something I'm missing here.

  6. Not too bad.. back to work.. and starting to get stressed.. hahaha

  7. im glad with airasia. and all the other budget airlines in the region including jetstar & even tiger airways.

    now even mas tickets are more affordable. hooray to cheaper tickets! hope more destinations to come! :) (ps: cant wait for a cheap kl tokyo & la flights!)

  8. Robin, you mean you've been having a good time all this while? Wow! But take it easy, yeah? Easier said than done, eh?

    QC, yes, even MAS tickets are a lot cheaper now, which is great. I'm sure you won't have long to wait to visit Tokyo and LA. Keep your fingers crossed.

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