Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Garbage Disposal - The Right Way

Malaysians are having it good for so long at the expense of our enviroment. The time has finally arrived for residents of Kuala Lumpur to do the necessary.

Starting June 1, each household in Kuala Lumpur will be provided with two rubbish bins (like the ones in the picture) — one for organic waste and the other for inorganic stuff.

These bins will be provided by Alam Flora, the waste collection concessionaire, and failure to comply with the requirement of separating the trash will result in the rubbish being left uncollected.

The new ruling is in line with the federal government's aim to have a more orderly and effective management of waste and to encourage people to recycle.

All organic waste will be sent to a centre for decomposition to be turned into fertiliser, whereas the inorganic waste would be sent to a recycling centre.

The current recycling rate in the city is at a low 5% but once the waste separation is successfully carried out, the rate could easily go up to 50%, according to Alam Flora chief executive officer, Zahri Abdul Ghani

What constitute Inorganic and Organic waste? Below is the guideline:

Inorganic waste

Styrofoam food containers

Plastic bottle

Disposable diaper

Aluminium tin


Leather shoes




Organic waste

Kitchen waste

Banana peel

Potato skin


Fruit skin


Source: The Star..Separate your waste from June 1


  1. Even though it's an enforced thing it does sound good, for now at least. :)

  2. Haha! I think those mini bins look rather cute :o). We use colour coded bins for different wastes. Just the lids have different colours, the bins are still green.

  3. it's a good idea but i don't think it's practical for this to be implemented right away.. because the people are not educated on this!! how would an 60-year-old grandma going to care how to separate her garbage?? and only two category?? what about those that falls outside the organic and inorganic?? it seems like to me - all food goes to organic, the others goes to inorganic.. there is really no clear instructions given.. well, this is Malaysia, and i wonder how long will this practice be maintained..

  4. JL, a positive start, no doubt.

    Ai Shiang, yeah, cute alright. In shopping complexes, there are three different bins but unfortunately, people are not fully complying with it. We'll see how this one goes.

    SK, I suppose that's why there is no mention of penalty for violation other than trash not being collected. You are right though that education is lacking here.

  5. I think that this is a great idea, definitely, but it must be bad if one person decides not to comply, it starts an overall slow down among the town and neighborhoods. I wonder why the people aren't fully complying?

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