Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Planning for a holiday is part of the fun

A cousin and her family just came back from a holiday in Bangkok. I've not had the chance to catch up with her. Being shopaholics, I'm sure they would have enjoyed themselves. Chatuchak weekend market comes to mind..

My, everyone seems to be travelling or planning on some travel. A girlfriend and some of her buddies are planning a trip to Disneyworld in September and I think they have already made their reservations with Westgate, a site for hotel accommodations.

Are you planning for a holiday too?


  1. Are you planning for a holiday too? I'm going KK next week! Yippee! And in July will be going on my first trip to Guilin China. Hooray!! Holidays, here I come!!! : )

  2. Oh, btw, you are tagged. Or maybe not? Check it out at my blog now! : )

  3. Foong, wow! Sounds like you're gonna be having lots of fun travelling. Let me wish you sunshine and blue skies, literally.

    Thanks for letting me escape this horrendous, big turnoff activity called tags. Oh well....

  4. Not really planning for one right now, but I do like to go for one! Maybe I'll just tag along with my family and let them plan xD