Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Best of American Idol and English Premier League

Did anyone of you catch this week's American Idol? I just watched the results episode this morning and saw the bowing out of the contestant I rooted for. Awshucks!! He is none other than Anoop Desai. Truth be told, it isn't surprising, having to compete with the more talented (and zestfully gothic) Adam Lambert and (sweet) Kris Allen.

I actually thought Kris is the dark-horse. Gosh! he plays musical instruments too. He looked meek (and weak) in the earlier days but has grown into quite a force to be reckoned with these past few weeks.

I think this competition will boil down to between him and Adam Lambert. Btw, did you like Adam's rendition of Born to be Wild? Though Adam's cover is a refreshing difference sort of, I much prefer the original version from Steppenwolf. Here, let me share with you one of my favourite rock songs... interesting video too. (I hope the video is still available by the time you view it.)

A little bit more about American Idol before I move on to something else. Together with Anoop Desai, Lil Rounds got voted out too, so there are now five contestants left - four guys and a doll. It's getting more exciting.

On a positive note, woke up to great news on the football front. I can only salute Manchester United for almost, almost repeating history when they beat Spurs (Tottenham Hotspurs) by 5 to 2. The last time, they came back with a scoreline of 5 to 3. So, yay!!

Last night's game was played too late so I managed to stay up for only the first half with Man United down by two goals to nil. The last thought on my mind before I was transported to slumberland was, would history repeat itself.. Close. Wonderful! Is it too early to celebrate, do you think? *Singing* We are the champions, my friends. And we'll keep on fighting - till the end. We are the champions, we are the champions... Better stop singing lest the other club supporters get offended. Peace.

Some headlines and news from The Star today..

- On the backpage, it says Great escape
- Amazing comeback - Red Devils go top after handing Spurs a second-half thrashing
- Tevez will stay: Fergie
- Kaka may join the Red Devils
- A chip of English tradition - Vidic says he will celebrate with a plate of fish and chips if United win title

and I am happy..

You all have a wonderful, wonderful Sunday. I'm off to buy some books and sit in a cafe sipping coffee watching people watching people go by. is sweet.


  1. It was a beautiful, gorgeous match in the second half. We Shall Not Be Moved!

  2. You sounded so happy. Haha!

    Good riddance to Anoop. I didn't think he's that good anyway. just riding on Slumdog fame. haha! And bye bye Lil Round - she does have a good voice, but too common. Nothing special about her, I'm afraid.

    I think Adam Lambert will win. Unless Americans do not want a gay to win this time! Haha!

    I am not a fan of Man U. I side with whoever wins! LOL!

  3. many info in this post! I watched this week's American Idols too! Yupe! Anoop is as good as bye bye! He has good voice just..but he just isn't trying hard enough to impress!

    Yay! Red devils prevailed! Long live Manchester United! :D

  4. The title 'Great Escape' is over-hyped. It was an easy win for the Devils.

  5. LB, thank goodness and touche!!

    Hey Foong, I'm not Happysurfer for nothing. ;) LOL

    Yeah, Anoop's performance paled by comparison to Adam Lambert and Kris Allen's. I didn't know Adam's gay. I thought he's only gothic. No matter. May the best one win.

    Not a fan of Manchester United? Never mind, you are still my blog-friend. haha..

    Tekkaus, yeah lah, too bad about Anoop. He did what he could and to be in the top ten is quite an achievement, I should say. I believe they are going on a tour - all ten or eleven of them.

    KS, you think so? I take it you are not a fan of Man United.