Friday, April 3, 2009

Do You Watch Reality Shows?

Reality shows are a dime a dozen these days. No, not really that bad but there truly are a lot of reality shows lately.

Off-hand, I can think of the Survivor series, The Amazing Race, the various Idol shows, and who can miss out Who Wants to be A Millionaire? And then there's one on dating and Trump's The Apprentice, of course, and one on being a Dog Groomer.

And one that's coming up is The Big Looser. This one is about losing weight. No, a diet pill won't do. Participants have to go through the grind of actually losing weight through strenuous and back-breaking workouts. Whoever loses the most weight wins.

Which reality show do you watch, if any?


  1. Anonymous5:05 PM

    I try to catch American Idol. Other than that, I am not very much a fan of reality shows.

  2. Me too, not much of a fan of reality shows. The only two I watch are American Idol and Project Runway, that is, if I can remember.

    For American Idol, I enjoy the auditions which are pretty hilarious and the later part when they are down to the last dozen or so, like right now.

    What I don't fancy about reality shows is the bickering among the contestants.

  3. Anonymous7:47 PM

    I dislike America's Next Top Model. In my opinion, trashy.

    I am my best to follow the almost last leg of American Idol...I am rooting for Kris and Adam(find him abit weird but he's got talent and showmanship).

  4. have you tried Malaysian Dreamgirl? It's quite interesting and what's more, it's online so you can watch or not watch any episode anytime you want.

  5. I love Amazing Race and sometimes, American Idol. I also watch The Apprentice, Survivor, Project Runway, The Biggest Loser and American's Next Top Model once in a while.

    I know some of the shows are pure trash and nonsense, but I just get entertained by them.

  6. Mei Teng, I'm rooting for Anoop Desai. I thought Kris did well with his rendition of "There's No Sunshine". Adam looked like young Elvis Presley with his hair combed back though he still looks dark and gothic to me. LOL!

    JL, thanks for the input. Somehow Astro has spoiled me. I hardly watch local tv these days. Good luck to your friend. Are the results out yet?

    Yeah, reality shows can be entertaining - minus the bickering and back-stabbing. I watched the final of the Amazing Race in which our two Malaysian ladies won. They were just very, very lucky to have won. Clearly, luck was on their side.

  7. Mei Teng, oops! No wonder it didn't look right. The song is "Ain't No Sunshine".

  8. im still awed by survivor in many ways. and of course the idol series :)

  9. I think I haven't seen Survivor. Is it on right now?

  10. I just "watch" reality. I don't have TV. ;^)

  11. Hi Pandabonium, I'd say that's the wisest thing to do. LOL! Happy Spring, PandaB.