Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Miss USA first runner-up doesn't think gays should marry

Miss USA entrant, Carrie Prejean, of California did not win the Miss USA crown last Friday.

It has been claimed that she didn't win the crown because she wasn't properly 'politically correct' when answering the gay marriage question "Should more states allow gay marriage?" Miss Prejean who doesn't think gays should marry answered, "I only believe in opposite marriage. No offense."). Here, take a look..

According to Yahoo! Entertainment, "Some in the audience cheered, others booed. The answer sparked a shouting match in the lobby after the show."

The crown went to Kristen Dalton of North Carolina. Ms Dalton comes from a family of beauty queens.

Perez Hilton, one of the Miss USA pageant judges and the one who posed the question is apparently not too pleased with the answer and came up with a YouTube video about how the question could or should have been answered. Check it out..


  1. Anonymous6:43 PM

    She should not be penalised. She's just expressing her personal opinion. Looks like pagents are full of politics.

  2. This sort of question should not be asked in the first place.

  3. The one without brain is the Hilton guy.. asking stupid question and expecting an answer conforming to his view!

  4. Anonymous2:22 PM

    I respect Carrie for standing up for the truth.

  5. Mei Teng, the thing is no one knows whether she's been penalised. Perez Hilton was not the only judge.

    KS, I don't see anything wrong with that topic because gay marriages is a social issue that we are faced with.

    Joe, LOL! I beg to differ. I think that's a valid question and there's no right or wrong answer. I should think one's own principles determine the answer one gives. Though I am not gay, I do not mind others who are. Who am I to decide for them, eh?

    Thanks for your thoughts, Joe.

    Mei Teng, yep, one has to be true to oneself otherwise one would be living a life of a hypocrite. On a positive note, Carrie Prejean may become Miss USA if Kristen Dalton wins the Miss Universe title.

    On a different note, being true to oneself is one thing, but being out of context is another. This is how Miss Arizona answered her question when asked:

    "Do you think the U.S. should have universal health care as a right of citizenship? Why or why not?"

    Miss Arizona's response: "I think this is an issue of integrity regardless of which end of the political spectrum that I stand on. I've been raised in a family to know right from wrong, and politics, whether or not you fall in the middle, the left or the right, it's an issue of integrity, whatever your opinion is and I say that with the upmost conviction."

  6. Beauty pageants are kind of ridiculous to begin with. The winners are hardly selected for their political or philosophical outlook now, are they?

    Perez is in the wrong place if he is looking for wisdom and compassion and has only himself to blame for coming up empty handed.

  7. I think it's a good question to test the responsiveness of the contestant! I think she answered quite well, although she may want to be more politically correct to give herself a better chance of winning. This is a competition, so I expect her to do everything to ensure she wins including not answering straight from her heart.

  8. PandaB, I guess they are not called 'beauty' pageants for nothing. They probably should cut out the Q&A and just concentrate on all aspects of the contestants' beauty (minus the brain). Oops!

    I thought the questions are from the judges pool and each judge is allocated some questions and Perez Hilton happens to be the one asking that question. No?

  9. Foong, I totally agree. Wrong focus cost her the crown, that is if she lost it because of her answer. Life's like that, sometimes we can't have the cake and eat it too.