Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cat Shelter Needs Help

Of late, I've noticed a lot more cats and kittens in my neighbourhood, some even lounging at my front porch which I see them when I come home in the evening. I know they are not strays because they are clean (their fur, that is) and they disappear come nightfall, assuming they are back home with their humans.

However, not all cats and kittens are that lucky. Robin, who has been sponsoring a cat shelter, indicated that in this economic slowdown, cats in Singapore have been dumped out onto the streets to fend for themselves. And some of them are designer cats who have no inkling as to how to live in the wild. Robin, himself owns close to a dozen designer cats and dogs,

The increase in the number of cats that are being taken in has escalated and it is now badly in need of funds to run the shelter.

Here is what Robin wrote in his email:

Dear Fellow Bloggers,

Hope u can help to raise funds for my cats shelter... or by highlighting this information in your wonderful blog.

with gratitude

We have been sponsoring an animal shelter for stray cats and dogs for the past few years with Christabel Chai.

Starting with 300 cats during the SARS cats culling period, we have now housed 1400 of stray and injured cats... and the cost is going up.

After complaints from neighbours and moving the shelter 3 times, we have managed to rent a farm space in Lim Chu Kang Lane 1 and have a proper shelter for these neglected animals. Some of them are saved from AVA before they kill them or from members of public who informed us about abandon or abused pets.

With the economic tsunami and retrenchment of expats, we see an sharp increase of abandon cats and dogs.. and many of them are not familiar to street and got knock down by cars.

We need to request for sponsorship to help maintain this shelter. If you want to donate and support our kitty care service which houses stray cats, you can transfer funds to Singapore POSB 028-40829-3. Any amount will defray our cost of maintaining the shelter. The cost of feeding a cat per day is about S$1.00 excluding rental and cleaning.

Please also visit our website and if anyone wish to adopt a cat, please contact us... Adoption is subjected to terms and conditions of pets adoption and suitability.

Thanks you for your support.

With Gratitude and Loving Kindness,

So people, any financial help you can extend will be very much appreciated.


  1. Anonymous3:06 PM

    It's sad that cats are dumped into the streets to fend for themselves. The least cat owners can do is find a proper shelter or home to take care of the animals.

  2. Thanks Happy,

    I hope this will help increase pet owner's empathy and hopefully get some help for our shelter.

    Have a great day

  3. thats a poor thing to do - giving away our animals on the streets like that. i think those to be pet owners should think before getting any.

    for robin, i think he's doing a good job. great share :)

  4. MT, it's sadder even if they are not spayed and allowed to multiply.

    You're welcome, Robin. Hope this will help some. You have a great day too.

    QC, yeah, people need to realise the responsibility that goes with being a pet-owner. Don't even keep a pet fish if one has no time. Indeed, Robin and his friends are doing a highly-commendable job.

  5. hi dear, r ur shelter still active? i wan't to find shelter for my cats.. got 2 and the one pregnant now.. because i wanna take a long leave going back to my hometown.. so here no people willing to take care of them..