Monday, April 6, 2009

Money, Money, Money!

I tell you.... Today's going to be a gooooood day! I opened the first email and what do I get..?! This roomful of hard cash.. It's a good omen..

I won't say more. Let the picture speak for itself.

Have a really nice day!


  1. Anonymous11:46 AM

    Money, money,'s a rich man's world...haha. You had access to the bank's vault eh?

  2. I wish! You know, it would be surreal to be able to see so much money in the flesh. There must be a reason for this stash. Probably it's an entire life's saving of an elderly person who doesn't believe in the security of a bank. ;)

  3. So many US notes lol, only got ringgit notes in the front.

  4. US currency is still the most valuable currency in the world. Have you got any? The exchange rate is something like 3.56 the last time I checked and I read that it might even hit 3.8 (the same rate as Malaysia's peg) before it comes down.

  5. did u rob a bank?

    or is it one of those african cheaters.. haha

  6. if yr post on 1st april, i'd guess its an april fool joke. this is no joke, but a pic... haha.

    btw looking at this reminds me of uncle scrooge haha! :)

  7. Money money money, always funny in a rich man's world! If I have so much money, my world will be so sunny! : )

  8. LOL! Robin, it makes a nice bed, eh? Though not comfy leh.

    QC, money cannot joke wan. It's cold hard cash wor. LOL! Uncle Scrooge would probably iron them one by one.

    Foong, sunny day and night.